Charitable Distributions 2021/22

07 January 2022

The Brewers’ Company is Trustee to eleven charities and several of these made distributions over the Christmas and new year period.

In December, Dame Alice Owen’s Eleemosynary Charities which supports elderly individuals in need in the London parishes of St Mary Islington, St James Clerkenwell and Christchuch Spitalfields, and Mr Samuel Whitbread’s Trusts which helps individuals who used to be employed in the brewing industry, made grants to ten individuals to help them over the Christmas period.

The Brewers’ Company Clerk, along with the Headteacher and Chair of Governors of Dame Alice Owen’s School, met with seven former students of the School in December to discuss their applications for support with their university studies from the EH Thompson bequest, which exists to award grants to allow students to make the most of their higher education. Grants totalling £2,500 were awarded to the applicants. An additional three grants were made from the Katherine Dame’s Legacy which aims to advance the further education of girls who have attended Dame Alice Owen’s School, are in need of financial assistance and whose fathers are dead or (in the opinion of the Trustee) no longer provide sufficient support for their families.

Finally, in January the Brewers’ Company General Charitable Trust makes a number of donations to good causes in the City, such as the Guildhall Library and St Paul’s Cathedral, and brewing industry charities such as Pub is the Hub and the National Brewery Heritage Trust.