Exam Results 2022

31 August 2022

We are extremely proud of students from Aldenham and Dame Alice Owen’s Schools who did brilliantly in their A Levels and GCSEs this year.

GCSEs are marked using the grade 1-9 system, with a grade 4 considered a ‘standard pass’ and a grade 5 considered a ‘strong pass’.


Aldenham School

At GCSE level, 36% of all grades were at 7 or above and 60% of all grades were 6 or above. The top 25% of GCSE pupils achieved 78% of grades at 7 or above (equivalent to A*/A) , the top half of all pupils achieved a 7 or above in 60% of their exams. Over 10 top performers achieved 9 or more grade 9 GCSEs.

For A Levels, the overall pass rate was 98% and over 60% of all grades given were either A*, A or B – higher than the last time that these exams were sat fully in 2019. Over 10% of students achieved at least 3 A grades and 37.5% received grades of at least ABB, which is often seen as the qualifying standard for top university courses. These results mean that over 88% of students will be able to move on to their first choice of university for further study.

Dame Alice Owen’s School

 In their GCSEs students performed extremely well, with 92% of students securing a ‘strong pass’ in maths and 96% securing a ‘standard pass’ or higher. In English language, 90% secured a ‘strong pass’ and 98% attained a ‘standard pass’ or higher. 93% of students achieved 5 or more GCSEs at standard pass or above, including English and maths. 12 students achieved all 10 GCSEs at grade 9. Overall, 40% of all grades awarded were a 9, with a further 22% at grade 8 and 14% at grade 7.

In their A Levels, 59% of students achieved 3 or more A/A* grades, with 15% of students achieving 4 A*s and a remarkable 5 students receiving 5 A*s. 74% of all grades achieved were A/A*, with 42% of all exams graded A* and 32% A. 17% of grades were awarded at a grade B resulting in a total of 91% A*-B grades awarded. 23 students received confirmation of their acceptance at Oxbridge, while over 90% of students achieved the grades required to take up their university offer.


All students taking exams this year have been significantly impacted by periods of school closure and other restrictions on their learning and educational experience due to the pandemic. For many of the students sitting A Levels this year, this was their first experience of formal, externally adjudicated exams. Their achievements in producing such impressive results under these circumstances are truly admirable. The Brewers’ Company is immensely proud of all of the students at our schools, as well as the dedicated and hardworking staff who helped them to do so well.