Liverymen enjoy once in a lifetime trip to HMS ALBION

14 September 2021


The crew of the Brewers’ Company’s affiliated Royal Navy ship, HMS ALBION, gave a warm welcome to members of the Livery and their families during a unique visit aboard the ship on Sunday 12 September.

Usually based in Plymouth, the UK’s High Readiness Amphibious Assault Ship HMS ALBION is making a rare visit to London and the Captain very kindly extended an invitation for Liverymen to visit. The 18,500 tonne vessel is the only Royal Navy capital ship that can make the transit along the Thames, where it has moored off Greenwich to support London’s International Shipping Week.

Liverymen got a unique insight into the inner workings of this fascinating ship in a lively guided tour with members of the crew. They saw the flight deck and control room, and learned about some of the ship’s defensive weapons and the impressive ‘Russian dolls’ landing craft, with larger craft holding smaller craft, which themselves hold smaller craft still. The tour concluded with tea in the Captain’s Ward Room.

We are very grateful to the Captain for his kind invitation and to the members of the crew who supported the visit.