Philanthropic Giving by Livery Companies 2021

10 June 2022

A recent survey of the 110 Livery Companies of the City of London, including the Brewers’ Company, showed that, between them, they distributed £75 million to charitable causes in 2021.       

This amazing figure was split between several different areas, the largest of which were education and research at £30.2m and the provision of almshouses and care homes at £9.2m. The distribution for education and research included support for both independent and maintained schools, bursaries and scholarships, and trade related training.

Graph showing the categories of philanthrophic giving by Livery Companies in 2021

Other areas where support was provided included older and disadvantaged people, families and communities, arts and culture, reoffending, employability, homelessness, domestic abuse, mental health and the armed services.

An increasing element of philanthropic giving by Livery Companies is provided by the time and effort volunteered by their members. While there is considerable under-reporting of such support, survey responses showed that it includes as a minimum:

  • The roles played by more than 1,000 School Governors and Charity Trustees appointed by their Livery Companies whose combined effort amounts to over 45,000 hours pa
  • The voluntary effort provided by those Members who are Trustees of their own Charitable Funds who devote some 35,000 hours pa to assessing applications and making grants
  • General volunteer support of more than 37,000 hours pa provided to front-line charities in a wide range of activities directly supporting beneficiaries
  • Professional volunteer support of more than 26,000 hours to charities and other not-for-profit bodies in lieu of the need for commercial support

The Brewers’ Company is proud to play its part in the fantastic collective work of the Livery movement, which relies so much on the generosity and support of the members of the various Livery Companies, and are very grateful to all of the people who make its charitable work possible.